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Le Dodici Lune

Via San Giacomo, 27 (near Musma Museum)• 75100 Matera, Italy

Tel: +39 0835 256 365
Fax: +39 0835 182 0191
Email: info@ledodicilune.it


Enviable location near the main attractions: Museum Musma Matera, Cathedral, Rock churches!


Follow the highway to Bari and once left the highway, follow the signs to Altamura-Matera. Take the exit MATERA CENTRO-SASSI. Our guest house is located in the Sassi (the old city dug in the rock) and we suggest to our guests to take comfortable shoes and light luggage. Concerning the parking we suggest leaving the car outside the city of Sassi in VIA VENA . There is a private parking there (0,50€ per hour).  Map “download pdf”

 If you need, you can enter in the Sassi from 2 p.m to 5 p.m just for 2 hours to drop off the luggage leaving the car in the parking area of PORTA PISTOLA  in Via Mandonna delle Virtù  using a parking disc, then you have to move the car outside the city of Sassi.


Marino linehttp://www.marinobus.it/

Marozzi linehttp://www.marozzivt.it/web.aspx


After arriving at Bari’s train station, you can catch a train or a bus of Ferrovie Appulo Lucane to Matera. Check the schedule on the following web site: http://ferrovieappulolucane.it/

After arriving at Ferrandina Scalo’s train station, you can catch a direct bus to Matera (Ferrovie Appulo lucane line)


Arrival at the airport of Bari Palese (about 60km from Matera). A public shuttle service is available from and to the airport. For more information, check the web site: http://www.provincia.matera.it/Provincia/guidaaiservizi/trasporti/Collegamenti_x_Bari_Palese_SITO.pdf

A private shuttle service is also available. Check the web site: www.sassiweb.com/bari-palese-matera-airport-shuttle-service/from-matera-to-bari-palese-or-central-station