Our Story

“Looking at this massive building in ruins we thought it was impossible to realize our dream and to build our future. It was a gamble, without knowing if we would win or not…and we took the risk”. These are the words of the owners that, decisive and optimistic, started to restore a little part of the Sassi.

It took 7 years to make these ruins what they are today: a place emebedded in the rock where peace and quietness reign undisturbed.

Le Dodici Lune is located in the heart of the Sassi of Matera, declared UNESCO heritage in 1993; it is the ideal place to sink into a striking landscape traveling through time and history, thanks to the owners’ storytelling. Our guest house is restored with special care respecting all the structural features of an hypogeum. It has seven rooms completely excavated below ancient Longobard walls. The rooms, ancient cave dwellings, overlook on the “vicinato”, the common area where people used to spend their time. From an ancient wine cellar completely dug by hand, used for wine production which then became a house, an elegant restaurant has been obtained for celebrating special events.